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Smart Things Homeowners Do Once a Year

As homeowners, it’s essential to stay on top of home maintenance so that your house stays in top condition. To make sure no stone is left unturned and all necessary tasks are addressed with care, incorporate this list of smart things you should do each year into your annual routine. From spring cleaning solutions to winterizing methods – these tips will help keep your property functioning safely and efficiently throughout the year!

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Drain Your Water Heater

To ensure that your heaters are running their best and don’t end up costing an arm and a leg, we recommend partially draining the tank on occasion. This clever trick removes sediment buildup which can cause corrosion over time – keeping your house warm without shocking energy bills!

Check Ductwork Connections

It pays to keep an eye on your attic or crawl space. You may be spending more in energy costs than you need if they’re not kept properly maintained! Over time, ducts can sag and become disconnected; when this happens, the heated/cooled air is escaping rather than being circulated throughout your living areas.

Clean Out the Dryer Vent Duct

The lint buildup in your dryer’s outside vent is more than just a nuisance – it can cause energy costs to skyrocket and, even worse, become a serious fire hazard. Make sure you’re taking the necessary steps to keep this duct clean for both safety and efficiency.

Update Your Home Inventory

It’s essential to keep an eye on all the things you own, especially if they’re part of a home remodel project. That way, you can be sure that your insurance policy sufficiently covers both the structure and contents of your house! You can write it all down, or an easier option may be to record a video on your phone of all of your belongings and save it to the cloud. 

Review Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

As part of your annual home inspection routine, don’t forget to review and update your insurance policy! Check if it protects against weather hazards like hail or wind damage – you’ll want to know how much a potential repair/replacement will cost. And make sure the deductibles are what you need for maximum coverage.

Inspect Your Roof

Don’t wait for a storm to find out if your roof needs fixing. Roofs are particularly vulnerable during severe weather and regular inspections can help protect you from costly damage such as floods, water stains on walls or ceilings, and missing shingles. From the ground, you should check for dimples that could indicate hailstone damage, while in the attic look out for possible signs of leakage. 

Spring is a great time to clean off sticks, leaves, and other debris from your roof as well. If not removed, these can build up and cause mold or rot. 

Knowing when your roof was last replaced is also useful information that will give an idea of how well it’s holding up – don’t leave things until they reach a breaking point!

You can check with a local, reputable roofing company. Many of them will provide free roof inspections. 

Clean Your Gutters

Heavy rains can wreak havoc on any home, but clogged gutters increase the odds of property damage. To help keep your house safe and secure during wet weather, it’s important to regularly clean out debris like leaves or pine needles that accumulate in the gutter throughout the year. If you’re dealing with high-up locations where a standard ladder won’t reach, consider hiring a professional for added peace of mind!

Check out a Lansing-made product, Gutter Flow System, and only clean your gutters every few years. 

Check Your Foundation

Don’t overlook the power of a strong foundation. If you are looking for warning signs, check inside your home first – is there any warping in wooden floors or cracks along window frames and doorways? Ignoring such issues can be costly and time-consuming if left unresolved.

Look for Water Damage

Our homes are like our protective shells, but water damage can cause big issues if it’s not taken care of. Stay ahead of potential disasters by keeping an eye out for mold growth and other signs around sinks, windows, and plumbing fixtures such as broken caulking or bubbling paint on drywall. Learn Plumbing Tricks from Master Plumbers to make sure your house stays in great shape!

Clean Out Your Garage

Uncover the hidden gems in your garage! Give it some much-needed TLC this year by taking everything out and giving it a good clean. By doing so, you’ll not only preserve its longevity but also set yourself up with extra storage space for all those odds-and-ends lying around – plus, who knows what treasures you may find! You might even find a water leak you can fix!

Check Your Pipes and Sewage Outflow

Taking the time to inspect your home’s plumbing can save you from a costly mess. It is important to periodically check for blockages and leaks, especially in areas connected with city or town sewage pipes that may not be under warranty if they were to burst. Contacting local authorities ahead of an emergency will provide resources and assistance should any issues arise. Make sure inspecting your drainage system is on top of your list when it comes to staying proactive!

Monitor Trees and Landscaping

Make sure to inspect your trees with harsh winters in mind. Monitor their positioning for any changes, like leaning or cracking of the earth around them; and if you have tree branches that hang over your house check for brokenness or looseness as they could cause serious damage when falling. To avoid safety risks it’s best to hire a professional arborist so that trimming is done correctly by an expert.

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Check Windows for Gaps

If your window frames have been impacted by cold and damp conditions, you may need to make repairs in order to avoid drafts and energy loss. Gaps can be filled using the same material that was previously used for sealing – such as mortar, frame sealant, or decorators caulk – but it’s important not to leave it too long before making a repair; otherwise replacing the windows completely could become necessary and far more expensive than filling gaps. On top of this, broken windows can also present an invitation for theft!

Check Decking, Porches, and Steps

Inspecting the exterior steps of a property can reveal potential damage. When looking for signs of deterioration and structural issues, watch out for crumbling concrete or stones – if any repairs are necessary they should be addressed right away to ensure a safe environment.

Empty Your Pantry

You can find long-forgotten food hidden away in your pantry that is out of date, which could be dangerous if consumed. To ensure you don’t overbuy or eat expired items it’s important to declutter your cabinets on a regular basis – aim for de-cluttering and cleaning on an annual basis but check more often during summer months as heat affects perishables quickly! Pull everything out and give each shelf the once (or twice) over with a cloth to make sure there are no unwelcome surprises lurking deep inside when next year comes around!

Purge Personal Products and Medications

Refresh your bathroom by taking stock of what’s in the cabinets and drawers. Go through hair and beauty products that may have passed their expiry date – it’s important to get rid of them as expired makeup can lead to infection. The same goes for medications, so contact your local pharmacy if you need help disposing of any old prescriptions or OTC meds!


Overall, there are so many ways to keep your home running safely and efficiently throughout the year. Taking the time to do things like drain your water tank, clean your gutters, and check for plumbing leaks, is important for both your safety and peace of mind. 

And if you ever have any concerns or questions about plumbing, Hedlund is dedicated to helping families just like yours.

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Homeownership may come with a lot of responsibilities, but taking small steps like these can help make managing your home a more enjoyable experience. Regularly staying on top of these simple tasks will not only give you added confidence in properly maintaining your property, but also provide peace of mind in knowing that your home is running steady and secure all year round.

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