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Plumbing Tricks from Master Plumbers

Are you a homeowner looking to save time, money, and stress on your plumbing projects? Then look no further! We’ve rounded up the best tips from seasoned master plumbers to make all of your DIY plumbing dreams come true. From fixing clogged drains to troubleshooting water heater issues, our expert advice will help keep your pipes running smoothly and confidently tackle any home improvement task in your path. Read on for their top-notch plumbing tricks!

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Reheat Solder When You Can’t Cut a Pipe

Having trouble disconnecting a soldered pipe? There’s an alternative to cutting that could save you time and headache – heating the joint! With gloves on, use a heat source (a lighter or torch will do) to melt the solder until it slides off. Once molten, wipe away any remaining residue with your rag so there is no build-up blocking new fittings from going in place. And if need be, give copper pipes some added shine by lightly scouring them with sandpaper/emery cloth before reattaching them for good!

Replace Metal Drain Lines with Plastic

If a metal drain line needs replacing, switching to plastic is usually the most sensible option as it’s more affordable and easier to work with. Plus, its durability means you won’t need to worry about corrosion causing any problems down the road – winning!

Don’t Fight It, Replace It

When it comes to faucet repairs, a groove where the O-rings meet the spout is often an indication that replacement rather than repair is your best bet. While you can certainly put in some time and effort to reattach O-rings for temporary relief, chances are that any long-term fix requires purchasing a new faucet altogether.

Loosen Stuck Pipes with Heat

Having trouble loosening up an old, stubborn threaded connection? Why not try adding a little heat to the mix? Just be sure to use this method with care – grab a flame-resistant cloth and give it a couple of minutes for optimal results. This can come in handy for water or waste pipes, but never ever attempt on anything related to gas lines!

Don’t Overtighten Supply Lines

When it comes to supply lines, don’t overtighten the connection. Overtightening can cause rubber seals and threaded nuts to crack if you’re not careful. To be on the safe side – tighten each connection finger-tight first, then give them a few extra turns with pliers for good measure. If they seem too loose after that check? Give ’em another quarter turn or so until everything’s snugly secured without any inevitable leakages!

Don’t Reuse Supply Lines

Don’t scrimp on the small stuff when replacing plumbing fixtures – investing in new encased supply lines made from braided stainless steel is a wise preventative step. Despite their longer lifespan, even your current sturdier lines should be replaced to avoid unforeseen water damage due to weakened and degraded plastic over time. Spend now for peace of mind later!

Cut Stubborn Parts

Corrosion and mineral deposits can sometimes create an almost unbreakable bond, but fortunately, there are solutions! A hacksaw blade or oscillating/rotary tool is often the best way to slice through stubborn parts that don’t want to let go. Cut off what needs cutting with these powerful tools and you’ll be free from your problem in no time.

Use Caulk, Not Putty

Plumbers often go for silicone caulk instead of plumber’s putty, due to its resilience and ability to avoid damaging certain materials. Silicone also helps prevent leaks more effectively than traditional putty, which can easily dry out or crack over time – meaning it’s a far better solution for those looking for reliable long-term seals.

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