Bathroom Clogs

Bathroom Clogs

Let one of our skilled bathroom experts unclog your stubborn bathroom drain.

Need a bathroom drain unclogged? Almost every household has had to unclog a sink, toilet, shower, or tub at one time or another. However, some clogs can be extremely stubborn and plungers and household chemicals just won’t work. 

These clogs are usually the result of a buildup of hair or other tough and stringy materials that somehow found their way into your drain. There is also a potential for other more serious plumbing issues that may need a larger fix than simply clearing a normal clog.

If you find yourself battling a drain that just won’t budge then give us a call and one of our friendly bathroom experts will come out and assess your plumbing problem.

Bathroom Clogs
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Clogged Toilet

Clogged Bathroom Toilets

A bathroom sink or shower clog can be a gross, but a clogged toilet can be down right ugly.

There probably isn’t a person past twenty that hasn’t had to clear a clogged toilet. Most of the time it’s just a simple task of plunging it until the toilet clears the clog. These clogs are usually due to excessive use of toilet paper, non-flushable items like q-tips or baby wipes, and sometimes even an unfortunate action figure that got sent on a wild ride.

However, some toilet bathroom clogs are caused by the narrowing of the pipes or a large obstacle being flushed by mistake. These clogs may need tools that most households don’t have handy like rooter. 

If you have a stubborn clog and the usual fixes are working give us a call or fill out our online service form and we’ll come and rid your toilet of the obstacle, right away.  

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