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Pipe and Drain Video Inspection Service

What is the Pipe Video Inspection Service?

Finds and fixes pipe problems fast.

Got a problem with your pipes but did not want to dig or dismantle everything? Hedlund Plumbing can detect all your pipeline problems by using a specialized video camera that snakes through your pipes, allowing our plumbers to see first-hand what’s going on. 

This amazing piece of technology has saved our client’s serious amount of money and has sped up the process of analyzing our client’s plumbing problems exponentially. This has resulted in our team being able to find problems fast and let them identify upcoming issues before they become a problem. This inspection service is simply revolutionary.

Our Video Inspection Unit
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Pipe and Drain Video Inspections

How Does It Work?

It's almost like being in the drain.

It uses a specialized camera attached to the tip of a flexible fiber optic cable and then inserted into the pipe to be inspected. The camera is waterproof and is equipped with powerful lights. Thus it can record everything it sees as it travels through the pipe. Radio transmitters are also attached to the camera to pinpoint its location exactly.

The images recorded by the camera are transmitted to the camera operator. He or she can now accurately determine the condition of the inspected pipeline. We can schedule repairs immediately after the problem has been identified. We may also do follow-up inspections from time to time to verify if the pipelines have been fully repaired and clear of any clogs or debris.

Video Inspection Service

It Helps Identify Issues Before They Turn into Problems

A True preemptive solution.

The video inspection shows the plumber precisely what is going on in your pipes. This unique perspective not only allows for him to find the problem at hand but also helps identify other possible problems that are lurking deep in your maze of pipes.

Conducting a video inspection will uncover many of these problems before they’ve had a chance to cause significant issues. Even more importantly, most of these issues, if caught early enough, will cost a fraction of what it would have cost if left to run its course. Some of the problems we encounter are simply symptoms of age.

Many Lansing area residents have older homes with the original pipes still in place and working away. It’s almost a certainty that our plumbers will discover some underlying issue with an older home with the original plumbing still intact.

Some of the issues we often encounter are cracked pipes usually caused by the following:

  • Corrosion
  • A change in the surroundings of the pipe
  • Natural wear-and-tear
  • Tree roots
  • Clogs
  • High water pressure
  • Offset pipes

If you feel like your home is a candidate for a video inspection or have a sneaky suspicion that something up with your internal plumbing, give us a call or fill out our online service form. We’ll come out and assess the situation free of charge, and if we find something problematic, we’ll talk through various solutions.

Video Inspection Unit
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