Kitchen Water Lines

Kitchen Water Lines

Need to Repipe Your Kitchen? Our Specialist Can Get It Done In No Time Flat.

A home’s underlying plumbing is constructed out of a maze of pipes that are normally hidden from plain sight. However, since these intricate systems are hidden it usually results in the homeowner falling into that usual trap, all of us fall into, if I don’t see it, it doesn’t exist or better known as “Out of sight. Out of mind?”  Unfortunately, many of us in the northeast live in older homes that still have galvanized pipes. 

Although at one time in their prime these pipes were state of the art and as sturdy as it gets. Sadly, as with most things, age has a tendency to wear them down, and between the ongoing constant pressure and natural corrosion, they finally fail. The scary part of this story is that most homeowners have no idea their pipes are in such a bad shape. That is until they wake up in a pool of water or flooded basement and it’s too late. 

Kitchen Water Lines
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One of the most susceptible areas of the house is the Kitchen. Your kitchen water lines are constantly in use, day in and day out. The pipes keep getting tested, and if you’re in an older home with galvanized pipe, it’s just a matter of time. 

Investing in a kitchen repipe before your pipes burst is a wise idea and one that will save you both time and money in the long run. Additionally, if you don’t want to pay for a complete repipe, starting with the kitchen can solve two issues. The first one is obvious, brand new pipes in the kitchen and the second one is more fortuitous. By checking out the state of the old pipe pulled from the kitchen, an experienced professional can fairly accurately tell how the rest of the house’s plumbing is doing. If it looks okay and it’s not overly worn, then you can hold off on repiping the entire home.

However, if the pipes look frail, brittle, and have started to corrode, it’s time to embrace the idea of new pipes. If it looks like you’ll need to repipe the entire house, we suggest using copper piping or, even better, PEX pipe. If you decide to go with PEX pipe, make sure that your plumber is actually using PEX and not a sub-par alternative.

If you live in or around the Lansing, Michigan, area Hedlund would love to help you figure out your kitchen wines lines. We can help you put a fast or a long-term strategy together for your home plumbing. We’ll never pressure you into doing anything and will only suggest the things we think are necessary but you take it from there.

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