Bathroom Remodels


Lansing’s Best Bathroom Remodeling Services.

Our bathroom remodels look amazing and will quickly become your favorite room in the house. Whether you are interested in just replacing a bathroom faucet, or you need help with the entire bathroom plumbing system, Hedlund Plumbing is the company for you. For new homes and complete bathroom remodels, we can work with your contractor to get the fixtures installed just the way you want. We take pride in the way we regularly work with customers to help them out with a variety of bathroom remodeling projects. If you’re wondering how these projects turned out or what our customers are thinking about or services, take a look at our stellar reviews on Google.

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Bathroom Remodels
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Bathroom Tub Update

Shower and tub Updates

Updating your bathroom shower or tub can make the difference.

If doing a complete remodel on your bathroom isn’t in the budget then a more affordable option is to update your shower or tub. For most of these areas, we remove and replace the old piping and fixtures with new plumbing products. These products come in several designs, colors, and styles and will help give your old bathroom a more refined look. 

If you have an old tub that’s starting to show its age, then another option is to completely replace it with a glass shower or a newly updated bathtub. Then refresh the paint and voila you’ve got a whole new room.

When your bathroom shower or bathtub gets to the point where minor repairs won’t cut it any longer, Hedlund Plumbing is your remodeling specialist for ideas on the solutions to these problems

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