Rooter Services

Rooter Services

Drain Augers are the plumber's right hand.

Rooters rip right through roots and other stubborn blockages.

Dirt and Debris can compromise your drains and pipes, resulting in widespread plumbing issues throughout your home. Fortunately, the rooter service team at Hedlund Plumbing can prevent that from happening. We use several different tools to fix or clear. Which one we use depends on the situation.

One of the main tools we use for clearing drains is the drain auger. You might know it better as a rooter or plumber’s snake. A plumber’s snake is much more powerful than a plunger, but they’re also a bit riskier to use. If misused, a drain auger could rip right through the same pipe you’re trying to clear. This hole in your line would cause significantly more damage than the clog ever could.

Rooter Services
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Plumber Performing Rooting Services on Cement Floor

Drain Snakes will smooth out even the roughest drain.

It’s certainly, not the fanciest tool in our wheelhouse, but it usually solves 90% of the residential cl1ogged drains we encounter. It hardly ever breaks, and it gets the job done quickly and cost-effectively.

Unsure if you even need a rooter service? As a rule of thumb, professional plumbers recommend scheduling hydro jetting drain cleaning once every two years. Still, several warning signs can point to the need for a more immediate appointment.

If your Lansing home has more than one slow-draining sink or bathtub, chances are you have a sewer line blockage in need of clearing. The same is true if your toilets repeatedly overflow or water keeps backing up into your home. And if you notice a constant foul odor coming from your drains, contact us to schedule an inspection to determine if we pull out the rooter of is need to pull out the big guns ( Like the Hydro-Jett).

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