HBA of Lansing

HBA Lansing

HBA of Lansing

HBA of Lansing was chartered back in 1944 and is a non-profit Lansing Michigan-based home builders association and trade association comprised of members from the home building industry from neighboring cities, townships, and communities. The key focus of the HBA of Lansing is to promote home building and all of its the auxiliary markets.

Its founding belief is that the American dream is in direct coloration with the health of the residential home construction and the periphery markets. The premise is that if these industries are healthy, then so are the people of the community.

As a unified group, the HBA of Lancing promotes and protects the interests of the local home builders, light commercial construction companies, real estate developers, remodeling contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and professional service providers to the home building industry.

They fundamentally believe that homes should be available for all Americans and built within the ideology of free enterprise.

HBA of Lansing's Mission Statement:

“The HBA of Greater Lansing is dedicated to the advancement of its members and the building industry.”

They are a strong force of good within the Lansing business community and have agendas and goals that promote and strengthen the overall business community of Mid-Michigan and beyond. Here at Hedlund Plumbing, we are proud to be members of the HBA of Lansing and look forward to helping expand the excellent ideals and community to an even wider Michigan footprint.


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