Water Filtration

Water Filtration

We Install, upgrade, and Repair Water Filtration Systems.

We offer a revolutionary new water filter that effectively traps sediment better than any other water filtration system on the market.

It’s actually called the “Sediment Trapper™.” This filter allows debris to settle in the bottom of the transparent cover, trapping sediment away from the screen. The new model makes it easy to convert a standard spin-down filter to a Sediment Trapper™ by simply replacing the elements available with either polyester or stainless steel screens to suit your needs and available in various mesh sizes.

This filter’s innovative design allows for it to the following with ease:

  • Unique element design traps sediment in lower reservoir of clear cover
  • Clear Bowl easily removed for total cleaning (No tools required*)
  • Flow capacity for the entire system
    Sediment is visible through the clear cover indicating when the filter needs cleaning
  • No Downtime
    Ball valve allows for quick sediment removal from the bottom of the cover
  • Centrifuge Spin-Down type sediment separation
  • Reusable polyester and stainless steel element screen available in many mesh sizes from very fine to very coarse
    *using tools voids warranty
Water Filtration System
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