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Toilet Repair and Installation

Need a toilet repaired or a new toilet installed? Let us help.

Hedlund plumbing offers the best professional toilet repair and installation services. Do you have a toilet leak or need a new toilet installed in your home, the Hedlund Plumbing technicians are here to help. 

When you call us, we will ask you a few quick questions to determine what kind of problem you have. Then one of our technicians will arrive with all the proper equipment and parts to fix your toilet quickly. We’ve repaired thousands of toilets over the years, from small toilet leaks to even the most stubborn clogged toilet sewer lines, we can help.

No matter your toilet troubles, Hedlund Plumbing can solve them. We specialized in same-day service and can be there quickly to clean up any icky mess your toilet has left.

Need or want a new toilet? We have a wide selection of toilets to choose from and one of our experts can help you choose the perfect toilet for your home.

Toilet repair and installation
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Clogged Toilet


Have a stubburn toilet clog? Get it cleared today.

Having a clogged toilet is one of those frustrating issues every household has gone through. There are many culprits when it comes to clogged toilets. It could simply be a buildup of toilet paper or non-flushable items causing it to backup or something more menacing like a blocked sewer line.

If plunger or drain cleaning chemical does not help with your clogged toilet, this is when you need our team of plumbing professionals.

One of our Lansing bathroom plumbers can be there right away. No matter the reason we’ll get your toilet clog cleared and back in operating condition ASAP.

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