Kitchen Clogs

Kitchen Clogs

Do you have a stubborn kitchen clog? Let our local Lansing plumbers help.

There are clogs, and then there are “C.L.O.G.S.” Kitchen clogs are usually easy to fix, requiring a few pushes and tugs on a plunger or a bit of drain cleaner in the sink, and it goes away as fast as it came.

However, once in a while, a perfect storm of grease, celery, lettuce, and leftovers unite in the kitchen pipes and form a monster clog that’s much bigger than any one of its parts.

These super clogs or (C.L.O.G.S.) “Colossal Log Of Gross Stuff” can be extremely stubborn and nearly impossible to remove with the tools you have at home. It’s like the giant robot in the Voltron cartoon from the 90s, where five robot cats come together and unite to form a giant robot that’s nearly unbeatable. Well, that’s this clog.

These clogs can also pull the devil into even the most mild-mannered person. I’ve witnessed a homeowner in her 60’s, go from merrily pushing the plunger up and down in the sink to suddenly wielding that same plunger like a battleax unleashing Hell’s fury on the backed-up sink.

Before I could stop her, the sink was on the floor, and water was spraying everywhere. The unfortunate fact is, these wild outbursts have caused more damage than any of the clogs.

If you end up with one of these super kitchen clogs, give us a call. Then just sit back, relax and let us do our job. You’ll have your kitchen back in no time, and if you take this advice, you’ll still have a sink attached to the wall. 

If the reference to Voltron went over any of your heads, here a link to help clarify my point. The Voltron Formation

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