About Hedlund Plumbing


Full-service plumbing firm servicing the plumbing, bathroom, and kitchen needs for Greater Lansing Area.

Hedlund Plumbing has a complete staff of professional licensed plumbers to give you the quality workmanship you deserve. Plus, we provide “Same Day Service”. As a third generation family-owned company, we take great pride in the way we take care of our customers.

Hedlund Plumbing is committed to providing top quality plumbing service and professionalism throughout Mid-Michigan, as we have done since 1939. We will always strive to meet the highest of expectations with 100% satisfaction, and continue to be a leader in the plumbing profession.

If a request is made by 12:00pm we can provide service the same day. This applies to calls from Monday – Friday. To schedule a service call with Hedlund Plumbing, simply fill out the form on this page.

Hedlund Plumbing was founded in 1939 by Einar Hedlund while working out of his home in Lansing and we have been faithfully and happily serving the Greater Lansing area ever since.


The story of our success

The history of Hedlund Plumbing dates all the way back to 1939. The step into independence, the step to opening a retail store, and finally the step to solidify itself as one of Lansing’s best plumbing businesses.

Lansing in 1943

The Beginnings

The company began in a similar fashion to most small businesses with Einer handling various plumbing projects for many friends and customers throughout Lansing.  The company was moved to a larger facility on River St. in Lansing in the mid-1940s 

About Hedlund Plumbing

The Retail Store

In 1955 the company then moved to a new location on S. Cedar St. and also opened a retail/hardware store. This venture into retail sales allowed Hedlund Plumbing to grow the company and provide not only plumbing installations & services but parts for the do-it-yourself clients.
1961 Hedlund Showroom

Plumbing & Retail Growth

By 1961 two of Einar’s sons, Howard and David, were also integrated into the company and the decision was made to get out of hardware and put the entire focus on the plumbing aspect of the business. All that was needed was a new location for a combination plumbing showroom and warehouse.
About Hedlund Plumbing

Grand Expansion

The new showroom area started out with about 1,500-sq.ft of display space and gradually expanded to a high of about 15,000-sq.ft in the mid-1970s, and at one point displayed a variety of items such as hot tubs, dishwashers, specialty plumbing fixtures, and even gas BBQ grills! Hedlund Plumbing was also known as the place to go for the purchase of just about any plumbing part ever made.
About Hedlund Plumbing

Refocus On Plumbing

Competition from big-box home centers, the difficulty in providing parts for older fixtures, and eventually the internet all played a part, and the retail store was closed in April 2001. This allowed the company to concentrate solely on the plumbing services and new construction departments.
Hedlund Plumbing Receiving an award

Award Winning Services

Hedlund Plumbing is very proud to be a third-generation company serving the Greater Lansing area for 80 plus years.  From just a minor repair to a large remodel project or new construction house, having a satisfied customer has always been and continues to be the ultimate goal.

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When you hire us for plumbing or remodeling services, you know you’re getting qualified licensed professionals who have the expertise and experience to make sure your project is done right.


Our Certificates, Awards & Affiliations

We are proud of our craftsmanship and appreciate it when we are not only recognized by our customers for our quality work but also from our peers in both the local community and the overall industry.

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