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How You Can Prepare For Emergency Plumbing Situations This Winter

Yep. Winter is here. Did you notice? Michiganders are used to cold weather. We know how to run a snowblower. Every Michigan kid has used a snow shovel. And every Michigan homeowner should be prepared for emergency plumbing situations this winter – and every winter. 

Hot water is used more in the winter, and we get the most water heater calls in the cold months. Not a good time to be without hot water – just ask your teenager who takes 45-minute showers. 

In this blog, we have listed some things you can do to prevent some common winter plumbing issues. Being prepared for these unexpected scenarios helps you avoid getting your plumbing damaged.

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Helpful Tips for Emergency Plumbing Fixes

Winter takes a toll on your plumbing system more than in other seasons. It’s important to prevent any issues that keep your plumbing from working at its best. Here are tips to help avert any problems from happening.

Unclog Drains

Don’t wait until you have a clog or leak to take care of your pipes. A reusable drain strainer stops debris from clogging your sink. Also, avoid pouring grease or dumping coffee grounds into the drain.

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Insulate Your Pipes

We wrap our bodies in coats, scarves, and gloves. Your pipes would appreciate the same consideration.  Wrapping your pipes with insulation can prevent them from freezing and bursting. Insulating your pipes can also lower your bill because it takes less effort to heat your water and you lower your heat loss. 

Prepare your outdoor faucets for winter

First, let them know winter is coming. Then, detach and drain your hoses from outdoor faucets. Insulate any exposed pipes and shut off the water supply to outside faucets.

Check Your Water Heater

Ideally, before winter when it works harder. Make sure your hot water supply is good and your heating element is in good working order. 

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Check Your Furnace

To ensure maximum comfort during the winter, schedule furnace maintenance to save you from future heating problems.

Fix Existing Leaks

You know that drip you have been meaning to fix? Do it now. Small leaks turn into big leaks, especially during the winter. When the pipes freeze and expand, a leak can turn into a vulnerable area that can burst.  

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